From Laura Prepon, star of Orange is the New Black, and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes The Stash Plan, a 21-day plan that combines the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom.

Despite her glowing on-screen presence on That ’70s Show and Orange Is the New Black, Laura Prepon has struggled with weight issues, digestive issues, and low energy. After years of starving herself with crazy diets and putting herself through countless grueling workouts, Prepon met integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, who combines Eastern holistic medicine and cutting-edge food science. Troy “unstuck” Prepon’s malfunctioning organs and jump-started her metabolism through targeted eating and stretching that finally allowed her to lose those stubborn pounds and thrive.

Wanting to share this life-changing success, Prepon and Troy joined forces to create The Stash Plan, a revolutionary 21-day diet and lifestyle guide that combines modern nutritional science with Chinese meridian theory to detoxify the body and burn fat. In The Stash Plan, you’ll learn what to cook and how to create a combinable stash—of proteins, carbs, and vegetables, along with nutritional bone broths—to enjoy throughout the week. With twice-weekly cooking sessions at the heart of the plan, Prepon and Troy will show you how to make healthy, budget-friendly meals that are easy and ideal for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. The Stash Plan gives you the tools to heal yourself from the inside out and start living the life you’ve always wanted.


Fairfield University Bookstore
7pm - Wednesday, April 20
1499 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

*Elizabeth Troy only.



is an actress and avid home cook who prepares her
own stash of foods and broth.

is an integrated nutritionist who heals some of today’s
leading athletes, actors, and professionals.